Voodoo and Things (formerly just Voodoo) is the business run by the Voodoo Lady in The Curse of Monkey Island. Like the International House of Mojo from the second game, the business is located in a swamp (on Plunder Island), although Voodoo and Things resides in the hold of a ship that has somehow managed to get stuck on the trees of the swamp. Guybrush speculates that the ship might have been thrown there by a typhoon.

The Voodoo Lady has taken upon herself to decorate the interior of the ship and its immediate surroundings more befittingly for a place of magic. Unlike in her previous incarnations where her throne was stationary, she now sits on platform that is lowered and raised via rope. She can be summoned by pulling the tongue of the stuffed crocodile. It is unknown why she has gone through the trouble of constructing such a device but it may have been intended to simulate her habit of disappearing when she had nothing to tell to the player in the first game (in the fourth her throne is shown as rotating with the throne disappearing into the wall).

For whatever reason she has amáquina de vending in her place of business. There is apparently a group of Voodoo kids on the island who the Voodoo Lady allows to play at her place, making paper voodoo dolls. These same kids also put Murray on top of the spike after Guybrush capsizes and sinks the Death Starfish, LeChuck's prime vessel.

By the time of Escape from Monkey Island, she had left her swamp on Plunder Island to return to Isla Mêlée. Apparently she felt that magical energies were drawing her back to Mêlée, but she also states that incessant clucking of the pollos on the island was driving her mad. It is assumed the business was closed down on Plunder, though like all former residences of the Voodoo Lady, this is unknown.