Lafeet statue

The statue of Tiny LaFeet

Tiny LaFeet is a pirate who once lived on Isla Jambalaya. He is the father of Jumbeaux LaFeet, who reckoned his father a true pirate in every way: violent and bloodthirsty. He also says that pirates lined up for miles to spit on his grave. After Ozzie Mandrill took over Jambalaya and drove the real pirates to Knuttin Atoll, he had a bronze statue erected in Tiny's image to be the figurehead in his campaign for a family-friendly Jambalaya. The moniker Tiny the Friendly Pirate was cooked up by his marketing department who claimed that Tiny was the sort of pirate "[who] said please and thank you, twice."

To add a touch of authenticity, Tiny's original pirate hat was covered in bronze and made part of the statue. This motivates Jumbeaux to vandalize and steel the hat back. Unfortunately, this leads Ozzie to hire Admiral Ricardo Casaba to monitor the waters between Jambalaya and Knuttin. Tiny's hat ultimately becomes an integral part of The Ultimate Insult.

Appeared inEditar