The rocky beach is a stretch of sand on the southern coast of Knuttin Atoll. The beach is a convenient place to hide buried treasure because it is full of many large boulders under which one might dig, but it is also impossible to distinguish between the boulders, making it hard to find the treasure again.

Jumbeaux LaFeet reclaims his father's bronze hat from the statue on Jambalaya Island and buries it on this beach, but only his parrots Huggyn and Kyssin remember where it can be found. After he finds the treasure, Guybrush uses Little Guybrush and Little LeChuck, Hellbeard's puppets, to make it seem as though three pirates are congregating at the rock, prompting Admiral Casaba to fire at them with the really big cannon, creating a huge hole and saving Guybrush the trouble of digging for the hat.