Pálido intentando broncearse.

Pálido Domingo es el agente de Slappy Cromwell. Tiene la piel muy clara, lleva un casco militar, y es miembro del Club de playa Brimstone de la Isla Plunder where he has been sun-bathing in an attempt to get a tan "since June" (that is, if the player's computer-clock is set for January, as he will also wish Guybrush a happy new year; note that the time is determined by the computer-clock, as Palido would say that he's been lying around "since February" if the player talked to him in September, for example). He has the map of Blood Island tattooed on his back, which he found the more convenient than little sticky notes when Blood Island had a popular entertainment venue and was a frequent stop for them.

Using a pitcher of red dye and a bottomless mug stolen from Kenny Falmouth, Guybrush is able to trick Palido into turning onto his stomach. Using cooking oil on his back Guybrush is able to peel the layer of skin with the map on it off his back, which grosses him out considerably.

Palido is also rather rude, ordering a drink from Guybrush using the magic word "NOW!!!" Guybrush can also provoke his ire with repeated one-liners regarding how pale his skin is ("You've got the SAVAGE pale!", "I've seen correctional fluids with better color than you!", "You're so pale, you make snow look tan!", and "If I bleached chalk it wouldn't be as pale as you!", for example).

His name is a play on Plácido Domingo, one of the Three Tenors. He is voiced by George DelHoyo.

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