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Minnie Goodsoup (credited as the Ghost Bride) is an important secondary character from The Curse of Monkey Island. Her full name and title is Minerva Stroneheim-Goodsoup, Baroness of Borscht, or Minnie 'Stronie' Goodsoup for short. She is the great-aunt of Griswold Goodsoup, owner of the Goodsoup hotel resort on Blood Island.

Having passed away long before the game's events, she haunts the Goodsoup Family Crypt on Blood Island. Minnie had affection towards pirates during her lifetime since most of her suitors "bored [her] to tears". According to the backstory of the third game LeChuck wound up on Blood Island after his ship sank on its way to Monkey Island. Minnie fell in love with and intended to marry LeChuck, who himself only had an eye for Minnie's gigantic diamond ring. During the wedding rehearsal he pried the diamond off the wedding band, sold it to King André, bought a new ship and sailed off.

Minnie died soon after, taking the wedding band to her grave. Guybrush Threepwood encounters her after feigning his death (for at least the second time) and "proving" that he is a member of the Goodsoup family. Minnie refuses to give the wedding band until she is married to a man she loves. Guybrush helps her get to the light by releasing the hotel's guest-who-never-left, Charles DeGoulash. Minnie admitted to Guybrush that Charles was the only other man she could've possibly fallen for; when he meets her again, Charles confesses his love to Minnie and as they share a kiss they both disappear and the wedding band is left for Guybrush to collect.

She is voiced by Mary Kay Bergman. Her shortened title Minnie 'Stronie' is obviously a play on Minestrone, a type of Italian soup. Borscht is a form of Eastern European vegetable soup made using beetroot.


  • Charles DeGoulash compliments her by saying that Minnie hadn't changed all these ages. A portrait of Minnie when she was alive can be found in the Goodsoup Hotel and indeed she looks like a skeleton.
  • When she asks Guybrush about his job, he immediately says "flooring inspector" which is a reference to what the Lookout said he looked like to him in the first game.

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