Madame Xima.

Madame Xima (pronounced zee-ma; ex-ima by Guybrush) is a gypsy fortune teller who continuously occupies the bar of Griswold Goodsoup's hotel on Blood Island. She also has a tendency to scream loudly, which irritates Griswold (especially when he's hungover). Guybrush asks her several times to tell his future; each time she ends up drawing a death card from her tarot-deck. Upon pulling the fifth card she becomes convinced that Guybrush is bad luck and refuses to talk to him from that point on.

Guybrush's pronunciation of ex-ima is a pun on eczema which can relate to a variety of skin-conditions including itchy, dry, or flaky skin.

When Guybrush tries to convince the Voodoo Lady to come with him to Blood Island, she informs him that there is someone else who can tell him his fortune. She may be referring to Madame Xima, who like the Voodoo Lady is correct but vague and misleading in her predictions.

She is voiced by Kathleen Freeman.


  • When you read her name plaque, Guybrush will mispronounce it and she will repeatedly correct him. Regardless, he'll still read her name wrong although he manages to say it correctly when speaking to her in conversation.
  • Talking to her before you help Griswold's hangover will cause him to react irritably to all of her screaming.

Memorable QuotesEditar

  • "This is evil work, Guybrush. The fates have conspired against you... and no man can interfere! Your path has been determined."
  • "A pox on your first-born!"
Madame Xima: You know, I could put a curse on you that would make every morsel of food you eat become a ravenous cockroach inside your intestines, giving you the most excruciating death imaginable.
Guybrush: So are you going to tell me my fortune or not?
Madame Xima: I'm not kidding.

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