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Captain LeChuck is the primary villain of the Monkey Island series and sets in motion most of the events that make up the entire series and has always been directly or indirectly responsible for all the conflict in each game. One of the most notorious pirates to ever sail the seas, LeChuck was known for his cruelty and sadism in life and was obsessed with acquiring immense power through voodoo energy to accomplish his own ends. Establishing a reign of terror that took countless lives, the pirate captain eventually met and became obsessed with Elaine Marley, the main heroine of the series, who rebuffed his advances, causing LeChuck's lust for power to become shared with an unhealthy fixation on Elaine and a desire to make her his unwilling, undead bride to assist him in his nefarious schemes and designs. To this end, LeChuck sacrificed what little humanity he had left and became a demonic, undead pirate, carrying over his obsession and lust for voodoo and Elaine Marley and reigned the seas as a feared and sadistic entity, forming numerous plans to abduct and marry Elaine and obtain ultimate voodoo powers to assume complete control over the seas.

To accomplish these goals he usually makes plans to build up an unstoppable demonic army and acquire rare voodoo treasures and artifacts, including the treasure of Big Whoop, the Ultimate Insult, and La Esponja Grande, to wield their incredible powers for his own ends. His plans to marry Elaine and conquer the seas are consistently foiled by Guybrush Threepwood, the main protganoist of the series who soon becomes LeChuck's arch-nemesis due to his constant interference. Regardless of how many times he is defeated, LeChuck's evil is continuously reborn in increasingly grotesque incarnations including a ghost, zombie, and demon. The secrets to his death and demonic voodoo powers are revealed as well as much of his past throughout the series, making up the backbone for much of the events that have occurred before and throughout the series.


Rise of the Fearsome PirateEditar

At some point in his life, LeChuck becomes a pirate and starts his own crew made up of sadistic cutthroats such as Largo LaGrande that soon becomes one of the most notorious crews to ever sail the Seven Seas. His reason for becoming a pirate is not unlike Guybrush's, in that he lusts to be feared and seen as somebody famous while indulging in the wealth and pleasures that piracy was known to attract. Unlike Guybrush, however, LeChuck loses all sense of moral and conscience in his quest and becomes obsessed with torture and murder, soon develops an extreme disregard for personal hygiene, and lusts for any form of power and wealth at any cost. A possible abusive and troubling childhood and past may have served as LeChuck's motivation for becoming a pirate and his taking pleasure in committing sadistic crimes and murders in addition to satisfying his lust for riches and power.

Even before he dies LeChuck's life is very similar to his existence as an undead pirate in that he is already a bloodthirsty and sadistic villain with an appetite for destruction. Fashioning himself in traditional pirate clothing and his own twisted sense of humour including a wealthy pirate coat decorated with skulls, a pirate hat with a crow he killed strapped on top instead of just feathers, and an eerie skull necklace, LeChuck's very appearance illustrates both his love for wealth and violence as well as his poor hygiene. Even though he is an evil and sadistic pirate, he is extremely tall and built, possessing brute strength and is seen as very youthful, handsome, masculine, confident, charismatic, and strong. LeChuck often uses these traits to his advantage to gain others' trust and give them a false sense of security.

Even before his transformation into one of the undead, LeChuck practices in the arts of voodoo and used forbidden and demonic forms of the magic for his own ends. He also collects various voodoo artifacts such as a trust charm he uses as his belt buckle to gain others' trust and aid in his plans. He eventually recruits a Voodoo Priest into his crew, who helps him learn more about the secrets of voodoo. LeChuck soon develops an insatiable hunger for voodoo and power, lusting to accumulate massive amounts of the energy so that he will be able to seize control of the very seas themselves. LeChuck's control over voodoo allows him to do incredible things, commit heinous atrocities, and torture numerous people in the most inhuman ways, such as through voodoo dolls. With his crew of sadists and his control over various voodoo spells and artifacts, LeChuck begins attacking the Caribbean, leaving death and destruction wherever his crew attacks.

LeChuck is an extremely skilled fighter and swordsman and is incredibly brutal and vicious in attacking islands, ships, and towns. He also has a dark and morbid sense of humour in which he delights in taunting, humiliating, torturing, murdering, and dismembering not only his enemies, but random people as well. Even the most fearsome and bloodthirsty pirates had never seen a pirate so inhumanly brutal and power-hungry with no boundaries or remorse. The most fearless of pirates become deathly afraid of LeChuck and his crew. As LeChuck continues his reign of terror and becomes the most feared pirate ever to sail the seas, he sails to Mêlée Island to engage in typical pirate activities such as wenching and drinking, but eventually meets Governor Elaine Marley, with whom he soon becomes obsessed with after she invites him to dinner at her mansion. While Elaine invited LeChuck to her mansion, which was fairly common practice at the time, due to LeChuck's charm and handsome looks, she eventually sees through these traits and realizes his true nature as a sadistic and evil pirate and mass murderer. While Elaine wants nothing more to do with the villain, LeChuck continues to flirt with her until she tells him to drop dead and, while LeChuck eventually leaves her mansion, the pirate would become obsessed with making Elaine his and controlling the young lady for his own nefarious purposes.

The Journey to Power and DestructionEditar

Having become obsessed with Elaine, LeChuck begins to formulate methods to make the pirate princess his own and, for the first time since his emergence as a pirate, allowed his reign of terror to become checked with a more personal goal, though no less self serving and greedy in nature. To this end, LeChuck decides to set sail to find the legendary Secret of Monkey IslandPlantilla:TM in order to impress Elaine as well as to potentially tap into the untold riches and power the secret might hold. LeChuck and a large portion of his crew set sail, while Largo and several others remain behind to continue looting and pillaging in LeChuck's absence, only to have a mysterious storm emerge and sink the ship, leaving his crew dead, just a few days after setting out to sea. LeChuck is able to survive the wreckage and is "rescued" by several sharks who wash him upon the shores of Blood Island; it is at this point where the general populace believed LeChuck died and reanimated as a ghost, while the reality would be far more complex and insidious. LeChuck stays at the Goodsoup Hotel for some time, contemplating what direction he should take with his plans. Several days later, Captain Marley (Elaine's grandfather) and his crew, First Mate Rum Rogers, Rapp Scallion the cook, and young Lindy the Cabin Boy, make port on Blood Island. LeChuck starts up a conversation with Rum Rogers and gets him drunk enough to reveal that they have the map to the legendary treasure of Big Whoop, the most infamous pirate treasure known to man and rumored to hold untold riches and power connected to a gateway to another world itself.

LeChuck is soon able to persuade the drunk Rogers to show him the map and get a good look at it, quickly memorizing all the major paths and landmarks to the treasure. Refusing to pass up such a prime opportunity to accumulate more power and treasure, LeChuck plans to beat Marley and his crew to the treasure and claim it for himself, but he needs to acquire another ship in order to have a chance at reaching the treasure first. He meets the debutante Minnie "Stronnie" Goodsoup, who is looking to get married and has a very valuable diamond ring that has been in their family for generations. LeChuck then plans to steal the diamond and use it to purchase a ship, but later learns that she is interested in another man, named Charles DeGoulash. Not letting such an obstacle hinder his plans, LeChuck brutally murders Charles while he was staying at the Goodsoup Hotel by flipping up his Murphy bed while he was sleeping, pinning him up against the wall until he died of starvation. After Charles's slow and painful demise, LeChuck easily sweeps Minnie off her feet and becomes engaged to her after just a few days, but only to obtain the diamond on her wedding band. LeChuck steals Minnie's diamond from the wedding ring on the eve of their wedding at the rehearsal dinner and sells it to some cutthroat smugglers on Skull Island for the cost of a new ship. Minnie is left standing at the altar and dies of a broken heart a week later. Unfortunately for her, she was not granted eternal rest and would remain in the Goodsoup family tomb as a ghost, haunting it until she married someone else.

With his new ship, LeChuck manages to easily reach Dinky Island ahead of Captain Marley and begins searching the island extensively for the treasure and, while searching the jungles of Dinky Island, LeChuck discovers mysterious tunnels that eventually led him to Monkey Island. Searching further, LeChuck discovers a Giant Monkey Head that contains a passage to a vast network of caves and tunnels underneath the island, which emanate energies from none other than the treasure of Big Whoop. The evil pirate finds out, however, that Big Whoop is in fact a dimensional void that leads one to a demon netherworld that is derived from its original position of Hell itself, binding the physical realm with the manifestation of evil itself. Passage through Big Whop grants whoever passes through it demonic energies, but turning the individual undead at the same time and dooming their fate to one that is bound to Hell; thus the true meaning behind the title of Big Whoop proves to live up to its name. LeChuck however, being a power hungry satanist who couldn't care less about dooming his soul to damnation as long he received his voodoo energies, relishes at the demonic riches of the treasure and willingly passes through, giving his life away and leaving his lifeless body somewhere on Monkey Island.

As he passes through, LeChuck ends up at the Crossroads, the dimensional intersection of the world of magic and the world of the living where all the voodoo energy in the world is derived from and serves as a limbo for those who just died before moving on into their appropriate place in the afterlife. Using a voodoo spell he retains from the living world, which he later hides in the Crossroads, and the sole shred of life he stole from another soul in the Crossroads, LeChuck returns to the land of the living with his plundered voodoo from Big Whoop as a demonic ghost. Though LeChuck comes back as a ghost, Big Whoop grants him unique powers no other ghost had such as tangibility, human disguise, and the ability to turn other humans into the undead, a power LeChuck plans to use to build up his own army once again. LeChuck also possesses traits absent in other ghosts due to the demonic origins of his demise and transformation into a voodoo, undead entity such as red eyes, bony fingers, and several facial features he had as a human, however, like all ghosts, he is lethally vulnerable to root beer.

The Murders of Captain Marley and His CrewEditar

Captain Marley and his crew, who arrive on Monkey Island a half hour later, witness LeChuck pass through the portal of Big Whoop and flee the island in terror. When the crew leaves Monkey Island, however, their ship (the Elaine) gets shipwrecked on Dinky Island. Knowing that people believe this island to be the home of Big Whoop (it's actually an atoll off the coast of Monkey Island with tunnels connecting the two islands), the crew decide to use it to their advantage to further conceal its secret. They then make a chest containing an E ticket to pass as the treasure of Big Whoop and cement and bury it at the entrance to the tunnels that connect Dinky Island to Monkey Island and ultimately Big Whoop.

The crew then realizes that they may need to return to ensure the secret of Big Whoop is always secured, but also have to ensure their means of finding Dinky Island does not specifically give away the location of Big Whoop should it fall into the wrong hands. Marley therefore destroys their original map and makes a new one that only outlines Dinky Island and not the elaborate route made in the first one. To ensure that the map is as secure as possible, Marley tears it into four pieces and gives one to each of his crew mates, keeping one for himself. All four of them are eventually rescued from the island, after which they alter much of their story, removing LeChuck and what the treasure even is. They began to spread rumours to others that the resting place of Big Whoop was Inky Island, hoping that people would believe all this and never find out the true treasure of Big Whoop and its power. LeChuck, on the other hand, wishes to use his new-found powers in order to continue his plans to conquer the seas and eventually force Elaine to marry him, intending to turn her into his undead bride.

The crew then all go their separate ways, promising to keep their map piece safe. Rapp Scallion starts up the Steamin' Weenie Hut on Scabb Island, cooking weenies and winning much success. Rum Rogers begins brewing specially made grog from a bathtub in his cabin on Phatt Island and holds drinking contests. Lindy goes down on his luck and spends his time on Booty Island panhandling. Captain Marley spends time with his beautiful granddaughter, Elaine, whom he loves and cares for deeply, always protecting her from any danger. To ensure that no one else would find Big Whoop, LeChuck begins a murderous search for Captain Marley and his three crew members, intending to see to it that they never reveal the location of Big Whoop.

He learns that Rapp Scallion has a habit of leaving his gas burners on in his restaurant and sends him a fully-lit cake on his thirty-fifth birthday, resulting in an explosion that reduces the cook to ashes. The shack is apparently reconstructed in his memory later and his ashes are locked in a crypt in the Scabb Island Cemetery. His piece of the map to Big Whoop is apparently on his person at the time of the explosion. Rum Rogers is next targeted by LeChuck and was taking a bath in his cabin while drinking rum and eating toast when LeChuck breaks in to murder him. Rum Rogers attempts to give LeChuck the map to save his own life, but is killed regardless by LeChuck when the villain pushes the toaster into the bathtub. His son, Rum Rogers, Jr., inherits the cabin and the map piece and keeps it in the hand of his father's corpse in the bathtub as remembrance for why his father died.

After hearing about the death of his former crew mates, Young Lindy could bear living in fear and so finds LeChuck and begs for mercy. LeChuck lets him live and gives him a fortune, which he uses to build a successful advertising firm. However, this was nothing more than another sadistic and elaborate ploy by the undead pirate as LeChuck later sends Lindy an account, the gang green and honey account, which ruins the business, forcing Lindy to sell everything he owns (including the map piece); desperate, he joins a traveling circus and dies when he is shot from a cannon without a helmet. Finishing his search for the entire crew, LeChuck ambushes Captain Marley while he is racing in the America's Cup and gives him the chance to live by granting LeChuck his blessing to have his granddaughter's hand in marriage. Wanting to protect his granddaughter, Marley refuses, leading to LeChuck to torture him to insanity and then sends his ship into a whirlpool that "not even the most accomplished captain could escape". It seems that before this, Marley gave the map piece to Elaine, as she has it at her mansion on Booty Island. With all known people with information of Big Whoop dead, LeChuck is ready to start his reign of terror in the Caribbean.

Renewed Reign of TerrorEditar

LeChuck next captures a seemingly random vessel and murders the dozens of crew members (as well as animals) aboard and then reanimates them as ghosts. With his new army and vessel, LeChuck throws the Caribbean into the depths of terror. LeChuck and his demonic army soon begin to relentlessly attack the Caribbean, leading brutal and incredibly violent raids on islands to steal all their treasures while pirates themselves are ruthlessly hunted down and slaughtered. Showing no signs of mercy, LeChuck completely and utterly destroys all ships and fleets he comes across, steals all the treasures or items of interest, and tortures and murders all the crew-members aboard, sometimes turning them into his expanding crew. Within a few months, LeChuck builds up a destructive army and a demonic force, comprised of ghosts, demons, and his original followers that did not accompany him on the doomed voyage to Monkey Island. Villages, towns, and entire islands are destroyed by LeChuck's rampage, leaving few survivors and all the treasures and valuables stolen.

LeChuck soon becomes infamous for his cruelty and is feared by all, especially the pirate population. These events make even the bravest pirates too afraid to sail the seas, and most of them abandon looting and pillaging in favor of simply drinking their lives away. LeChuck accumulates more wealth than any other pirate as he loots islands with little competition, and anyone who dares sail against him is quickly eliminated. After establising his reign of terror, LeChuck constructs a massive fortress to serve as a base of operations for keeping his loot and imprisoning and torturing his enemies. Over the months, LeChuck abducts hundreds, possibly thousands, of victims and tortures them in the most inhumane ways, leaving their mutilated corpses rotting around the fortress, which soon becomes host to hundreds of skeletal leftovers. Horrible events continue to occur as LeChuck continues to pillage and plunder, overwhelming all of the Caribbean as the murders, torture, destruction, and disappearances continue to grow.

As LeChuck tightens his grip on the seas, he regathers his old followers, specifically his first mate Largo LaGrande and his Voodoo Priest, and sends them on a special mission. He orders them to search the area around Big Whoop and find his body that his spirit left as he was consumed by Big Whoop. They soon succeed and bring it back to the fortress where LeChuck keeps it safely hidden and intends to use it in case his spiritual form is destroyed. He entrusts both his corpse and fortress to Largo and the priest, instructing them to find a living piece of his spiritual essence and resurrect his body in case the worst should happen. All the while, LeChuck continues to plunder voodoo energy from the world of magic, causing massive chaos in the Crossroads as well dehumanizing himself further and gaining the attention of the Voodoo Lady. As a practitioner of voodoo, LeChuck is meant to offer up sacrifices to the Crossroads in order to draw magic into the world of the living, but LeChuck continuously draws in voodoo energy without offering up anything and hordes it within himself for personal gain, developing various voodoo curses within himself as a result and turning the villain more and more into a demonic entity. The Voodoo Lady soon seeks to destroy LeChuck and imprison his voodoo essence in order to bring balance back to the world of the spirits, knowing that his evil has accumulated so much vile voodoo energy that destroying him for good is not an option.

Once LeChuck's goal of conquering the Caribbean seems almost complete, he turns his attention to Elaine, hoping to make her his bride and use her political power to further tighten his grip and aid in his plans. Once Elaine is his unwilling bride, LeChuck also plans to use Big Whoop to slaughter countless more and create thousands of undead warriors and make Elaine his undead bride. With an army of thousand demonic warriors and Elaine's governor position in his control, LeChuck would be able to easily conquer all the seven seas. To plan his scheme to abduct Elaine as efficiently as possible, LeChuck murders the sheriff of Mêlée Island and uses his demonic powers to disguise himself as the new one, using the disguise to arrest and execute anyone that he sees as an obstacle. Not too long after this event, Guybrush Threepwood washes ashore on the island, and would soon become LeChuck's most hated enemy and the Caribbean's best and most unlikely hope.

Role in gamesEditar

LeChuck has played a major role in every game in the series up to date, each game usually expanding on his origins and past. While the methods of his resurrections and returns vary, LeChuck has served as a central villain for every game, always with a complicated and often clever plot for unlimited power, wealth, and Elaine's hand in marriage.

The Secret of Monkey IslandEditar


In the start of the game LeChuck's ghost ship and crew are anchored in the gates of Big Whoop beneath Monkey Island. During his reign of terror, LeChuck uses Big Whoop as his main base and sends many innocent victims to their doom in the perpetual Hellfire that is Big Whoop. LeChuck is almost all set to kidnap Elaine when his first mate Bob arrives and informs him of a pirate wannabe that has arrived on Mêlée Island. LeChuck goes there in the guise of Sheriff Fester Shinetop, having murdered the original sheriff and replaced him. He takes a strong interest in Guybrush from the moment he first appears, and is able to catch him attempting to steal the Idol of Many Hands from Governor Marley. Thereafter he attempts to drown Guybrush, telling him that his plans for Elaine are much too important, and much too near fruition, to risk being upset by a would-be pirate. Thinking he has killed Guybrush, LeChuck then attacks the island, kidnaps Elaine, and takes her off to Monkey Island. Guybrush is able to easily escape LeChuck's trap though and completes the Three Trials to become a pirate, swearing to destroy LeChuck and save Elaine and the Caribbean.

Guybrush sprays LeChuck SMISE

Guybrush sprays LeChuck with the bottle of root beer, resulting in his second death and his first defeat at the hands of Guybrush.

While on Monkey Island, LeChuck instructs Bob to ensure a special voodoo root is kept secured in the bowels of the ship. The root would later be revealed to belong to the Monkey Island cannibals who were hoping to use it to destroy LeChuck and his army. They hope to do so in order to reclaim the island as their own as LeChuck has since converted it into a base of operations and has been torturing and murdering mass amounts of people who have come even close to the island. Once LeChuck had got word of their plans however, he stole the root from their village and now keeps it locked up within the bowels of his ship. Guybrush is able to get a crew and ship and to sail to Monkey Island using an old voodoo spell. Once on the island, the pirate is able to befriend the cannibals, infiltrate the Caverns of Meat and LeChuck's ship, and steal the root back. The cannibals conjure up the voodoo root beer and give it to Guybrush, but LeChuck leaves the island before Guybrush can destroy him.

LeChuck returns to Mêlée Island and seizes control of the town in order to get married in the church there. Guybrush arrives on Mêlée soon after and destroys some of LeChuck's army while en route to the church. He attempts to stop the ceremony but to the surprise of all Elaine shows up, having escaped of her own accord. LeChuck and Guybrush then do battle which is going in LeChuck's favour until Guybrush sprays him with root beer and causes him to explode, sending his spirit to blow up in the night sky as his essence is sent back to the Crossroads and Hell. The remainder of LeChuck's army are systematically destroyed and his old followers are rounded up while peace returns to the seas. Guybrush keeps the last living piece of LeChuck's spirit, his beard, as proof of his triumph and is seen as a hero. However, Guybrush's fame would only last so long and LeChuck's remaining followers who elude capture search for a living piece of their master to reanimate him.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeEditar

Archivo:Mi2se voodoopriest.jpg

Several months after LeChuck's demise, while the seas are peaceful once more, LeChuck's former right-hand man, Largo LaGrande, has seized control of Scabb Island and enforces an impossible embargo on all coming and going. When Guybrush comes ashore, hoping to find clues to the treasure of Big Whoop to uphold his reputation, the two are soon at odds until Guybrush uses a voodoo doll to torture him off the island, though Largo is able to steal LeChuck's beard from Guybrush. He soon resurrects the pirate as a zombie, who is less interested in Elaine and instead focuses his attention on exacting revenge on Guybrush first before going after Elaine. At the same time, LeChuck makes his plans to conquer the Caribbean once more and quickly resumes his reign of terror and relentlessly attacks the Caribbean to build up his army again into his huge numbers.

As he later reveals toward the conclusion of The Curse of Monkey Island, this time however, his goal is to capture hundreds of people that are capable of constructing an amusement park that will in turn slaughter thousands and transform them into minions for LeChuck's new army. After much pillaging and plundering and numerous murders, abductions, and blackmail and intimidation, LeChuck eventually succeeds in this plot and enslaves thousands of workers and forces them to construct The Carnival of the Damned, including slashing and burning acres of lumber on Monkey and Dinky Islands. For his own personnel amusement, LeChuck would also murder hundreds of the workers by staging "construction accidents"; the rest fall victim to malaria or wild animals.

While LeChuck engineers his plans to rebuild his army once again and seize complete control over the seas, he also embarks on a scheme to capture Guybrush, knowing of his potential to interfere with his rise to power again. He sends Largo to find and capture Threepwood, who is looking for the four pieces of the map that will lead him to Big Whoop, while he instructs his Voodoo Priest to construct a powerful voodoo doll of Guybrush. To perfect the doll, LeChuck has his followers scour the Caribbean for ingredients for the voodoo doll and is desperate to prevent Threepwood from finding the pieces of the map, afraid that Guybrush will learn all of the secrets and answers to the mystery of Big Whoop and ultimately LeChuck's origins and use them against him.

LeChuck even goes as far as putting a bounty on Guybrush which causes some (in particular Governor Phatt), who has sided with LeChuck and is aiding his cause in exchange for money and power, to attempt to capture Threepwood and hold him for LeChuck. While his schemes for power continue to progress and the truth about his return remains largely unknown to the those alive, Largo fails to find Threepwood despite the fact that he somehow has knowledge of him obtaining the map pieces. LeChuck soon begins to lose his patience and threatens to kill Largo himself if he continues to fail in his missions, which scares Largo to the point of paranoia.

LeChuck in the meantime begins to further his plans for Big Whoop by capturing monkeys on Monkey Island and uses them as a power source for the rides, converts the tunnels between Monkey and Dinky Island as a storage facility for plundered carnival items, and makes a roller coaster that goes into the very heart of Big Whoop and Hell itself. While his plans proceeds further, LeChuck also makes contact with the Voodoo Lady, not knowing that she is Guybrush's mentor in his quests, and demands vast amounts of voodoo supplies and horrid items of torture. The Voodoo Lady, having her own agenda, agrees and ships the supplies to his fortress, where LeChuck immediately begins to construct them into weapons of mass destruction for his forces. He also begins to spread word of his carnival, using the fact that no one alive except for Guybrush knows he is back to his advantage and traps thousands of innocent victims in his hellish torture house who simply believed that it was an attraction to get away from the lonely and difficult life of the seas.

LeChuck eventually lures Guybrush to his fortress by kidnapping his friend Wally (who was helping Guybrush decipher the map to Big Whoop) and having Guybrush retrieve the key to unlock Wally's cell, which turns out to be a trap. He hangs both Guybrush and Wally by their arms over a pool of acid, also taking some of Guybrush's personal effects to perfect his voodoo doll to use as a fail-safe should his plans not proceed as expected. LeChuck plans to have them fall in the acid until their skin burns off, so that he may then take the bones, reanimate them, and construct a chair. He would then sit on it every day and listen to their screams. LeChuck constructs an elaborate mechanism to lower them into the acid, but this gives Guybrush enough time to develop a way to escape. LeChuck's plans fail and his fortress is blown up during Guybrush's escape to Dinky Island. LeChuck survives the explosion but whether or not Largo survives is not revealed.


When LeChuck eventually catches up with Threepwood, he claims to be Guybrush's long lost brother Chuckie (in a parody of The Empire Strikes Back), then attempts to use a Voodoo doll to send him to Hell, but the doll proves defective, transporting him no further than a few rooms away. Threepwood eventually constructs a Voodoo doll of LeChuck and tears its leg off, causing LeChuck's leg to break off. As LeChuck lies there nearly dead, he asks Guybrush to take off his mask, in a parody of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and Guybrush acquiesces, revealing the face of his "creepy brother, Chuckie". The reunion of the two "brothers" is interrupted by a man in brown coveralls who tells them that they aren't allowed "down here" and sends them back to a modern day amusement park, and apparently back in time as Threepwood and LeChuck are now little kids about to be picked up by their parents.

The reality is, though, that LeChuck has placed a spell on Guybrush that makes it appear to him that they are both kids, and brothers. Everyone in the park, including Guybrush's parents, are skeletons in disguise working for LeChuck. The carnival is later revealed as the notorious Carnival of the Damned, which LeChuck has finally finished and already used to slaughter thousands and reanimate them into undead warriors through the use of Big Whoop. Guybrush would soon be free of the curse but would become trapped in the Carnival until he devises a way to escape. LeChuck in the meantime sends his new army to rampage and loot the seas once more as his return is finally known to the Caribbean with legions of the undead relentlessly attacking every living soul on the seas.

The Curse of Monkey IslandEditar

With Guybrush fooled into thinking he is a child, LeChuck returns his attention to pursuing Elaine's love and making her his unwilling, undead bride. LeChuck is also able to capture Wally again after surviving the destruction of his fortress and is able to brainwash him into becoming a member of his crew under the threat of death if he does not agree to do so. With his forces built up again, LeChuck beings his scheme to abduct Elaine once again by bombarding her coastal fortification on Plunder Island, having gained word that she has retreated to the island since his return. LeChuck's ship is near invincible, seemingly unharmed by Elaine's cannon fire and is able to easily destroy all the defensive ships around Plunder Island, killing all who stood in his fury. The zombie pirate is either unaware or too busy to care that Guybrush has somehow escaped the Carnival, but Guybrush does indeed show up again after several weeks at sea, having escaped LeChuck's evil amusement park on a bumper car. LeChuck, amazed and infuriated that his hated enemy has shown up alive yet again, has him captured and is about to slice him in two when Elaine interferes with her musket and keen eye. LeChuck has Guybrush thrown in the hold and intends to torture and kill him once his plans for Plunder Island and its governor are complete. He prepares an invasion force, which is dispatched in rowboats, while he constructs a powerful Voodoo Cannonball.


LeChuck plans to fire the voodoo cannonball directly at the fortress, destroying it completely and leaving the island utterly defenseless and open for LeChuck's army to conquer. The demonic energies of the cannonball itself would meanwhile kill Elaine and turn her into a demon, therefore making her easily susceptible to LeChuck's control. To further persuade Elaine to be with him, LeChuck has stored away and brought all the loot he has ever stolen to give to her and bribe her to marry him. Unfortunately for LeChuck, his plans once again begin to unravel as Guybrush is able to gain control of the cannon in the hold he was held prisoner in and destroys the invasion force with the help of Wally, who was Guybrush's captor, but turned over a new leaf when he saw that his new life was not suited to his abilties. Guybrush is then able to escape by cutting loose a cannon; the recoil from the weapon as Guybrush fires it blasts him into the cargo hold and shakes the ship, which in turn causes LeChuck to drop the Voodoo Cannonball just as he prepared to place it into a cannon. The weapon explodes, destroying both LeChuck's ship and his reanimated form. The arcane magic released in the destruction, however, transforms him into a demon pirate with a fiery beard, more powerful than ever.

Two unfortunate pirates come across LeChuck's boots from his last demise and take them to make a profit. LeChuck soon resurfaces and slaughters both men, reanimating them as skeletons. They do as instructed and sail to Monkey Island where LeChuck returns to his carnival and quickly puts it back into operation. He is able to rebuild his army again and once more sends it to attack, sack, and loot the Caribbean until Elaine is found. He has grown desperate and is willing to "burn every island in the Caribbean" to find his love, and his archenemy. His forces attack Plunder Island again and capture Wally, who had been residing on the island at the time. LeChuck puts him in a situation that is almost exactly the same as that in the second game in which Wally is being hung over a pit of acid. LeChuck is able to finally learn of the location of Blood Island.

LeChuck kidnaps both Elaine and Guybrush, intending to transform them both into undead creatures: Elaine as LeChuck's bride; Guybrush, as a soldier under his command. LeChuck also reveals his history, his past plans and schemes, and what really happened on Monkey Island at the end of the second game. Once again, LeChuck does not kill Guybrush but puts the same spell on him as in the second game in which Guybrush is turned into a child. The Mighty PiratePlantilla:TM is able to create a remedy to the spell and returns back to normal. Again, Elaine escapes LeChuck's clutches easily and uses the coaster's controls to reroute all the tracks, suspecting Guybrush to be on his way, while Guybrush infiltrates the roller-coaster of the damned. LeChuck soon learns of Guybrush's interference and chases him around the attractions, taking in every ounce of sadistic pleasure as he slowly tortures Guybrush by burning him with his demonic flames.

However, LeChuck's love for slow torture would once again seal his fate as it gives Guybrush enough time to create an ingenious trap for LeChuck; a keg of rum rigged to blow under a mountain of ice. The resulting explosion completely destroys the roller coaster and its attractions while the ice violently comes crashing down upon LeChuck. Guybrush escapes just in time as LeChuck's voodoo energies explode, creating an eery skull in the sky, while LeChuck is frozen in an icy tomb. The powers of Big Whoop soon become incredibly unbalanced as LeChuck used so much of it's energy and begin to seal up in the earth, destroying the Caverns of Meat and laying to rest all the undead who were killed as a result of it's demonic power. With LeChuck's base of operations destroyed, his forces no more, and Big Whoop finally sealed up, Guybrush and Elaine get married and begin to live their lives as husband and wife. They hoped LeChuck was gone for good, but the relentless evil of the villain would ensure yet another one of his returns and another horrid plan to dominate the seas.

Escape from Monkey IslandEditar

Unsurprisingly, LeChuck turns up once more in the fourth game just months after his fourth "death" as the villain along with a newly introduced ally who rescued him from the large pile of snow under which he had been buried at the end of The Curse of Monkey Island. This new confederate is Ozzie Mandrill, an unpleasant, diminutive Australian developer with an intense hatred of pirates. After rescuing the demonic pirate, Ozzie brings LeChuck up to date on recent events, including Elaine and Guybrush's marriage, and tells him of the legendary Ultimate Insult, a voodoo talisman of incredible power capable of pulverizing a pirate's spirit. LeChuck and Ozzie make their plans to find the Ultimate Insult and use its power to seize control over the entire Caribbean. More specifically, LeChuck intends to use the Ultimate Insult to defeat Threepwood and render Elaine his obedient bride.


While their partnership seems mutual, both Ozzie and LeChuck desire the artifact for their own purposes and to fulfill their own power hunger rather than help each other out of respect. LeChuck also makes his own secret agenda and plots to betray Mandrill when he has served his purpose of obtaining the Ultimate Insult and rendering all pirates aside from LeChuck cowards. After his return, LeChuck is more versatile than ever, being able to switch at will between his ghost, zombie, and demon forms. He learns that the Gates to Big Whoop have been sealed up; he mentions in The Curse of Monkey Island that Big Whoop's power source wouldn't last forever if used continuously. Since the Carnival serves no further purpose, he destroys it and makes his way to Mêlée Island. There, he disguises himself as a human, calling himself Charles L. Charles, and has Elaine declared dead, initiating a new election for the office of governor. When Guybrush and Elaine arrive on the island, Elaine decides to run against Charles and win back her position as governor.

While Elaine tries her hardest to convince the pirates to vote for her, LeChuck's deception wins them over. LeChuck's whole campaign is based on lies as he tells the pirates that they will have "good times and free grog" if they elect him, which puts him in the lead by a landslide. This is all part of his and Ozzie's plans to gentrify and take over the pirate-infested Caribbean. LeChuck's true motives are to win the election and gain total control over the island so that he may use it as a base of operations and construct an Insult Amplification Tower on an atoll off the coast of the island. The tower is a device Ozzie plans to build in order to amplify the effects of the Ultimate Insult so every pirate in the Caribbean can simultaneously be exposed to its power. LeChuck also hopes that by gaining the office of governor, he will obtain the last power needed for the Ultimate Insult, which is rumoured to be connected with the governorship of Mêlée Island.

Meanwhile, Ozzie uses his skills in various forms of insult duels to seize control of pirate islands and transform them in his image while attempting to discover the secrets of the Ultimate Insult. The secrets are later revealed to lie within the Marley Heirlooms in Elaine's family's safe-deposit box, which are key items that can help locate the island where the pieces of the Ultimate Insult are. LeChuck and Ozzie cook up a scheme to obtain the Heirlooms and get rid of Guybrush at the same time. LeChuck has Elaine's mansion set up for demolition to get Guybrush to go to Lucre Island to obtain a deed for the mansion from the Marley Heirlooms in the Second Bank of Lucre. It is on this island where Ozzie plays his part in the plan: he hires Pegnose Pete, a clever and cunning criminal, to work for him some months prior to the start of the game. Ozzie has Pegnose disguise himself as Guybrush and rob the bank while Guybrush is checking through the heirlooms in the vault. Pegnose takes the heirlooms, locks Guybrush in the vault, and robs the bank, leading to Guybrush's arrest and Ozzie's chance to learn the secrets of the Ultimate Insult.

While Ozzie studies the Heirlooms, things don't go as planned as Guybrush is able to capture Pegnose Pete and prove his innocence. Pegnose is able to escape, however, and rejoins Ozzie, who decides to leave the island and join LeChuck on Mêlée Island to escalate their plans. After Guybrush clears his name and again obtains the heirlooms along with the loot and the deed to the mansion, LeChuck and Ozzie go in different directions. Once Guybrush returns from Lucre Island and LeChuck is ahead in all the election polls, he reveals his true form to Elaine and Guybrush in order to compel Elaine to tell the island this news, knowing full well that the population would believe her to be crazy, thus ensuring his victory. LeChuck then lets Guybrush go to Jambalaya Island and find the pieces of the Ultimate Insult for him while he wins the election and gains control of the island. He enslaves all the people and rules the island as a tyrant as Ozzie arrives on the Island with Pegnose to begin construction on the Amplification Tower on the atoll. When Guybrush arrives, they interrogate him, steal the Ultimate Insult he assembled from him, and strand him on Monkey Island; rather than just killing him as his use as a hostage may be a potential aid in coaxing Elaine into aiding them. LeChuck sends Pegnose to find Elaine, who has disappeared after LeChuck's victory and forces the enslaved citizens of the island to construct a giant stone statue in his honor as part of his secret agenda.

While Guybrush is on Monkey Island, it is revealed that a ghostly priest has constructed a church in LeChuck's name, worshiping him as a god and hoping to be able to marry him to Elaine. LeChuck plans to return to Monkey Island to marry Elaine, using the river of lava in the church to make her undead. It is assumed LeChuck chooses Monkey Island to imprison Guybrush because he is planning on returning to marry Elaine, making it all the more convenient to strand Guybrush there as he would be able to kill him and marry Elaine at the same time. Guybrush is eventually able to learn the secret language of the Ultimate Insult, monkey language, and masters the art of using it as attacks in the sport of Monkey Kombat. He creates a massive Ultimate Insult to counteract the one LeChuck has. With Herman Toothrot (who turns out to be Elaine's grandfather, Horatio Torquemeda Marley, who was the former governor of Mêlée Island until he was stranded on Monkey Island for over 20 years with amnesia) and a talking monkey named Jojo Jr., Guybrush escapes from Monkey Island using a Giant Monkey Robot, a mechanical device built underneath the Monkey Head to harness the energies of the Ultimate Insult for an unknown purpose, and makes his way back to Mêlée Island.


LeChuck and Ozzie in the meantime finally find Elaine and are able to obtain the last piece of the Ultimate Insult from her, the Gubernatorial Seal of Mêlée Island. With the completed weapon in the villains' possession, they test it on Pegnose Pete, whose services are no longer needed. The pirate thief is reduced to nothing but a cowardly and pathetic shadow of his former self; Ozzie tells him to be gone and prepares to combine the Ultimate Insult's power with his Insult Amplification Tower before giving it to LeChuck to use on Elaine. However, Guybrush and his partners are able to sabotage the Amplification Tower and Ozzie's attempted mass gentrification fails. LeChuck becomes infuriated that their plans have failed, believing the Ultimate Insult to be a dud. With months of planning appearing as a waste, LeChuck blames Ozzie and decides to animate his statue to destroy him and all of the Caribbean in his rise to power. In control of the giant statue, LeChuck captures both Ozzie and Elaine, one in each hand, and attempts to kill Guybrush.

Inevitably, Ozzie double-crosses LeChuck, also unintentionally saving Guybrush by distracting LeChuck, and enslaves him using the power of the Ultimate Insult. Controlling the huge statue of the demon pirate, Mandrill is placed on the statue's head and plans another assault on piracy until Guybrush challenges him to Monkey Kombat using the giant monkey robot. After Guybrush cleverly tricks LeChuck into a draw three times, LeChuck performs the respective move for a third draw in Monkey Kombat, faltering his arms and then smashing his head. As a result, Elaine is able to escape as his arms fall and Ozzie is crushed to death when LeChuck smashes his head repeatedly. The Ultimate Insult Ozzie wields is destroyed, explodes, and sends LeChuck hurling into the stratosphere with the effects of the Ultimate Insult leaving his body as well. Elaine then grants the governorship back to her grandfather, H. T. Marley.

Tales of Monkey IslandEditar

"Launch of the Screaming Narwhal"Editar

LeChuck returns in the fifth game, once again serving as the main villain, but his persona being quite different than previous titles. Through the passage of several years, LeChuck has returned once more in a new, hideous demon form and seeks one of the rarest voodoo treasures of all time, La Esponja Grande, in hopes of using it's power to suck up limitless voodoo from the Crossroads themselves and become a Demon Pirate God. Through a series of unknown events, LeChuck learns that the Voodoo Lady has been manipulating many of the events surrounding the confrontations between him and Guybrush over the past decade and has been indirectly responsible for his numerous defeats and deaths. Infuriated, LeChuck seeks a way to orchestrate his plans without the Voodoo Lady controlling his fate, eventually learning that the very vile voodoo energies that he has accumulated over the years are allowing the voodoo priestess to monitor his activities and alter his destiny.

LeChuck plans to dissipate his voodoo power and trick Guybrush into finding and retrieving La Esponja Grande for him while he embarks on another set of plans to ensure that the gates to the dimensional void known as the Crossroads is opened once he has assumed complete control over La Esponja and the seas. To this end, the villains attacks and scours the Caribbean relentlessly once more and gathers the Thirteen Monkeys of Montevideo, which hold the key to unlocking the Crossroads, captures Elaine, hijacks her ship, and sails to the Rock of Gelato, a mysterious island that holds voodoo energy. When Guybrush comes to rescue his wife just off the coast of the Rock of Gelato, LeChuck claims to be performing a special voodoo spell to bind the seas to his will, but is actually tapping into the voodoo energies within the Rock of Gelato and is utilizing it to place all the monkeys under his complete control through a voodoo curse. Guybrush, thanks to the continued guidance of the Voodoo Lady, is armed with the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu, a powerful weapon able to destroy LeChuck, but by the demon pirate's doing Guybrush drops the last ingredient, voodoo root beer, and has to substitute improvised root grog instead.


Pox of LeChuck is about to be released.

Instead of destroying LeChuck and accumulating his vile voodoo energies within the blade itself, the cutlass causes LeChuck's demonic voodoo energies to exit his body and leave him as a human. The voodoo powers are then transferred into Guybrush's hand and pirates all over the Caribbean in the form of the Pox of LeChuck, turning them into short-tempered and violent criminals. Guybrush's hand develops an evil mind of its own as the ship explodes, stranding Guybrush on Flotsam Island and leaving LeChuck with Elaine. With LeChuck now a human, the villain is free to perform his plans without the interference of the Voodoo Lady while the Pox itself would serve as the perfect way for LeChuck to manipulate others into performing his will while appearing reformed to Elaine and Guybrush, until the right moment to reveal his true intentions presents itself. LeChuck is able to get onboard Guybrush's ship and uses it to rescue Elaine and the monkeys. At the same time, LeChuck disposes of Guybrush's crew and acquires for his own purposes the Cutlass of Kaflu Guybrush left behind.

The episode's last scene shows LeChuck on Guybrush's old ship, giving a flower to Elaine, who accepts it and starts to admire the apparently reformed pirate. Unknown to Elaine and Guybrush, LeChuck is using a voodoo trust artifact disguised as his belt buckle, compelling those around him to trust him easily and clouding their judgment. With the monkeys under his complete control, Elaine's trust, and the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu in his possession, LeChuck initiates the next step of his plans.

"The Siege of Spinner Cay"Editar

Archivo:LeChuck Human Concept2 Art.jpg

In the second episode, LeChuck and Elaine sail to the Jerkbait Islands, where Guybrush is also headed, to embark on a scheme to acquire the Summoning Artifacts that are necessary to lead one to the resting place of La Esponja. The villain also intends to place the monkeys at strategic places to open a passage to the Crossroads, telling Elaine that he intends to make up for his crimes by returning all the abducted monkeys back to their natural habitats. When poxed pirates under the command of Captain McGillicutty demand the Summoning Artifacts that will lead to La Esponja Grande from the Vaycaylians, the merfolk inhabitants of the Jerkbait Islands, Elaine stalls both the merfolk and the poxed pirates while LeChuck goes off to collect one of the three artifacts on Spoon Isle. The poxed pirates are after the same artifacts in order to find and destroy the sponge in order to eliminate the only cure of the pox and their new found powers, which has allowed them to escalate their attacks on ships and Islands and accumulate more wealth and power than they ever could have imagined when they were normal pirates.

Guybrush soon arrives on Spinner Cay after narrowly escaping the ruthless pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay and Elaine asks him to help LeChuck find one of the artifacts, to which he reluctantly agrees. LeChuck claims to be completely voodoo-free and reformed, but Guybrush does not believe him and thinks he has alternative motives. LeChuck, unshaken by Guybrush's (correct) accusations, continues to appear friendly and even tries to learn to problem-solve like Guybrush does. Though LeChuck lacks the puzzle solving skills that his nemesis is so adapt to using to escape dire situations, LeChuck remains confident and charismatic, eventually helping Guybrush obtain the second artifact. After Guybrush obtains all the artifacts, McGillicutty escalates his own plans and abducts the leader of the Vaycaylians to persuade him/her to tell him the summoning ritual words that are needed in conjunction with the artifacts to summon the creatures to take him to the sponge as his forces attack Spinner Cay and form a blockade around the Jerkbait Islands in order to find the artifacts.

LeChuck is also targeted by a trio under McGillcutty's command, who are under the implication that LeChuck has one of the artifacts, but are no match for LeChuck even when he is in his much less powerful human form due to his brute strength and fighting abilities. With the help of Guyrbush, they only steal a crudely made imitation artifact and LeChuck agrees to further aid Guybush by providing a distraction for the blockade with Elaine so that Guybrush can pass through and rescue the Vacalian Leader from McGillicutty's flagship. Eventually, Guybrush sinks McGillicutty and his ship and rescues the leader while LeChuck and Elaine are able to drive back the blockade, ending McGillicutty's plans once and for all. After helping Guybrush in his quest of obtaining all three artifacts and driving back the poxed pirates from the islands, LeChuck persuades Elaine to stay with him to help him in returning the remainder of the monkeys while Guybrush goes to find La Esponja Grande.

Elaine, however, is more motivated to keep an eye on LeChuck's activities rather than help him. LeChuck assures Guybrush that Elaine will be safe in his care, but Guybrush is still highly suspicious of LeChuck's motives. However, with LeChuck's charm in connection with his voodoo tailsman, Elaine's judgment continues to remain clouded as the Pox of LeChuck continues to affect thousands of pirates and transforms the seas into a violent and dangerous place marked by inhuman crimes and atrocities committed by individuals no longer in complete control of their actions. With Guybrush and Elaine playing right into his hand and the Voodoo Lady still unaware of the true extent of his plans and designs for the future of the seas, LeChuck continues his schemes for power and places more of the Monkeys of Montevideo at specific locations for his own ends.

"Lair of the Leviathan"Editar

LeChuck's role is very minor in the third chapter as he is only seen in one cut-scene with Elaine. Both are still sailing the oceans with LeChuck placing each set of monkeys at strategic locations around the Gulf of Melange. Elaine and LeChuck seem to have formed a strong bond and the scene ends with LeChuck stating that "it's only the beginning", the true meaning of his words unknown.

"The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood"Editar

In the fourth episode, LeChuck finally arrives on Flotsam Island alongside Elaine to seemingly help Guybrush with his trial, and orchestrate his plan to finally expose the Voodoo Lady. While Elaine is attempting to murder Morgan out of jealousy for her romantic feelings for Guybrush, LeChuck steals the Voodoo Lady's journal. He also decides to remove Morgan as a potential threat; shortly after Elaine is summoned to court, he follows Morgan into the Marquis De Singe's lab while the doctor is out and stabs her with her own blade. (It should be noted that after the trial, Morgan is still alive when first De Singe and then Guybrush visit the crime scene, but she soon dies and her body is eventually collected by the Voodoo Lady.)


LeChuck proceeds in his plan and interrupts Guybrush's trial just as Guybrush is about to be found guilty of creating the pox; he states that Guybrush is innocent of spreading the epidemic and reveals to the court that it was his doing as it was his accumulated voodoo energy and lust for power that created the pox within himself before it was released into the world. LeChuck then accuses the Voodoo Lady of being the source of his power hunger and lust for Elaine, providing the journal he stole that outlines her plans through the course of many years as evidence. LeChuck's testimony convinces the court to release Guybrush and imprison LeChuck and the Voodoo Lady. This action finally allows LeChuck to earn Guybrush's full trust and faith, but the Voodoo Lady assures him that things are not what they seem and that LeChuck was always destined to have a villainous life, regardless of what her role was in his life.

Guybrush soon creates a recipe to amplify the strength of La Esponja Grande and places it in the wind control device of Flotsam Island to cure the pox. As Guybrush kills De Singe, foils his plans, and cures everyone of the pox, LeChuck escapes from jail and reveals his true hand by violently murdering Guybrush in front of Elaine with the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu. It soon becomes apparent that everything that has occurred since the pox spreading was all part of an insidious plot of LeChuck's doing to find and use La Esponja Grande to plunder all the voodoo in the world and conquer the seas. LeChuck reveals that he was always evil even without all his voodoo powers, but hoped to finally win Elaine's hand by using his human form to be kind and polite to her. Elaine still does not accept his proposal. LeChuck reveals his plans to turn Elaine into his demonic queen before leading a conquest on the very heart of voodoo itself, then reabsorbs the voodoo power from the sponge. Using his last breaths, Guybrush begs Elaine to destroy LeChuck, a request she tearfully accepts before engaging him in a swordfight after Guybrush dies.

"Rise of the Pirate God"Editar

LeChuck is able to gain the upper hand on Elaine in the duel and defeats and abducts her. With Elaine captured and the sponge in his complete control, LeChuck proceeds to go on a mass killing spree, torturing and murdering dozens on Flotsam Island on his way to kill the Voodoo Lady. He learns however that she has escaped, causing him to interrogate and rampage the entire island. In the course of his rampage, LeChuck reanimates many of those he killed into new warriors for his army and takes the Screaming Narwhal from Winslow, sending it adrift at sea to ensure no one would follow him. LeChuck then summons his own demonic ship, placing his legions and Elaine on-board, and proceeds to lead a full-scale assault on the seven seas, devastating all of the Caribbean and killing hundreds of people. The brutality of LeChuck's attacks leaves a trail of death and destruction in his wake to the point that every corner of the seas is scarred with flames and smoke as the sky and air become red from the stench of death and chaos inflicted on so many areas. No longer in need of his trust artifact, LeChuck locks it up in a chest on a secluded island to keep it secured and murders all who opposed him on his first visit to Spoon Isle out of pure revenge. LeChuck then proceeds to attack and destroy Spinner Cay, killing many, while the surviving Vaycaylians retreat to the dark depths of the sea. LeChuck then sails his ship into the center of the Crossroads in the living world, formed by the combined power of all the cursed monkeys in place, to finally complete his plans.

Archivo:Tomi5 - LeChuck.jpg
Even with the Monkeys of Montevideo in his control, LeChuck still has difficulty opening the Crossroads. However, Guybrush opens the Crossroads from the other side in an attempt to escape the land of the dead. LeChuck takes advantage of this and uses La Esponja Grande to suck up immense energy from the Crossroads, turning him into a demon pirate god. LeChuck reveals all his plans to Guybrush: that he was using the pox to manipulate others to do his dirty work and to compel Guybrush to find the sponge; that he used Guybrush to find the sponge for him; that he was placing the monkeys at the rips of the Crossroads rather than helping them; and that he desired the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu as it was the only weapon capable of destroying the Voodoo Lady once infused with enough demonic energy. At Elaine's urging, LeChuck then proceeds to turn Elaine into his demonic bride and instructs her to spray Guybrush's ghost with root beer, sending him back into the Crossroads. Unknown to LeChuck, Elaine only agrees to become his bride so that she may obtain powers potent enough to hold the Cutlass of Kaflu and use it against him and his army. While the powers cause her to become truly evil and demonic, she counts on Guybrush to devise the means to transform her back to normal.

Guybrush in the meantime loses hope as he realizes just how much power LeChuck has at his disposal along with Elaine in his control and the Cutlass of Kaflu in his possession. However, with Morgan's motivation, Guybrush refuses to give up and decides to repossess his body so that he can become invulnerable to the voodoo root beer. With the Voodoo Lady's assistance and her locket, Guybrush is able to get back to his body, but is still unable to hold the Cutlass of Kaflu as it is filled with too much demonic power to be wielded by mortal hands. LeChuck instructs Elaine to kill Guybrush once and for all with the cutlass, but while Elaine takes the cutlass and prepares to kill her husband, she is stopped by Winslow, who proceeds to attack LeChuck's ship with other pirates assisting him. As the pirates make one last, desperate stand against LeChuck's legions, Elaine leads the counter attacks while LeChuck decides to deal with Guybrush personally once again. With LeChuck chasing him throughout the realms, Guybrush creates a counter voodoo spell and uses it to shrink La Esponja Grande back down from the crossroads, cutting off LeChuck's supply of voodoo, transforming Elaine back to normal, and rendering the voodoo cutlass much less powerful. As the battle between LeChuck's army and the pirates continues, LeChuck uses his powers to freeze time itself and informs Guybrush that regardless of what action he chooses to take, Elaine will be his bride to cook and clean for him and aid in his schemes until Elaine runs him through with the cutlass. LeChuck remains calm though and brutally knocks back Elaine, stating that even with La Esponja gone, he has enough demonic energies to simply enter the Crossroads themselves and take as much voodoo power as he desires.


Guybrush collapses as he sacrifices his shred of life to close the Crossroads rip on the wounded LeChuck.

When LeChuck attempts to do this, Morgan stabs him in the chest with her ghostly blade, injuring his spiritual portion. She then tells Guybrush that LeChuck must be defeated in both the physical and the spiritual worlds to destroy him for good. LeChuck punches Morgan out of the way and throws Guybrush back onto his ship to finish him off personally. Though the fight mostly consists of LeChuck mercilessly tossing Guybrush around his ship and planning to do away with him once and for all, Guybrush cleverly manages to trap LeChuck in one of the rips in the Crossroads. As Guybrush sacrifices his last shred of life to cut off the Crossroads from the land of the living and close the rip, LeChuck is caught in the closing rip. Morgan then stabs LeChuck in the land of the dead while Elaine stabs him from the land of the living, inflicting immense pain and damage to his spiritual and physical forms simultaneously. LeChuck's overall being cannot recover from the injuries as his spiritual and physical beings implode upon each other, destroying LeChuck.

Back in the world of the living, Guybrush returns fully alive, LeChuck's forces are completely destroyed, the Cutlass of Kaflu and the La Esponja Grande are lost to the depths of the sea, and all the seas are peaceful once again. LeChuck's voodoo essence is later revealed to have been captured by Morgan and placed in a voodoo container. Morgan gives it to the Voodoo Lady, who allows Morgan to return to the land of the living as a ghost in return for her services. As of the last game, LeChuck is trapped in a sort of eternal limbo, but his grunts can still be heard inside the jar. It is unknown what plans the Voodoo Lady has for LeChuck, but the threat of his return will never truly go away as his voodoo essence is seemingly impossible to destroy.


While LeChuck has been shown to have a comical disposition many times throughout the series, he is incredibly power-hungry, sadistic, and ruthless. A pirate of terrifying evil and violence in life, LeChuck pillages and plunders his way through the seas, murdering countless people in his mad quest for greater power and wealth. A dark practitioner of voodoo who marvels at the very thought of destruction and seeks to trap the seas in an endless time of pain and suffering under his rule through the use of his demonic voodoo, LeChuck becomes known as one of the mightiest and most frightening pirates ever to sail the seven seas. His rampage may have gone forever unchecked had he not met Elaine Marley with whom the villain soon became obsessed. While described as very handsome and youthful as a human, LeChuck's wicked aspirations for wealth and power, his disregard for any type of life, his numerous murders, his countless other violent crimes and his lack of personal hygiene compel Elaine to despise the man and tell him to drop dead. He complies, more than once, but he seems to become more powerful and less humane with each defeat and return.

While LeChuck has incredibly poor hygiene, to the point of leaving a foul stench wherever he goes and having a dead crow on top of his hat in certain games, he dresses very richly; his clothing is often lined with sparkling gold, illustrating his love for wealth and lust to showcase it to others. In addition to simply satisfying his own greed, LeChuck builds up his wealth in order to impress Elaine and entice her to love him. While LeChuck is a monster, he does have a soft spot for Elaine, never giving up on his plan to marry her; and while he loves her in his own twisted definition of the word, that does not stop him from torturing and murdering her friends and family, attacking the islands she governs, abducting and abusing her, and even attempting to kill her and reanimate her as one of the undead. LeChuck remains obsessed with Elaine and will never cease to stalk her until he wins or is destroyed for good. LeChuck becomes mortal enemies with Guybrush Threepwood from the very second they meet each other. Guybrush has continuously foiled LeChuck's plans, destroyed him numerous times, and even married Elaine, an action that only further infuriates LeChuck. Though LeChuck lusts to kill Guybrush, he has gained a very reluctant respect for the young pirate after getting out of so many dire situations. He soon acknowledges him to be a real threat and even takes advantage of Guybrush's resourcefulness several times later in the series for his own ends. LeChuck and Guybrush's relationship often goes into comical moments, such as the pair arguing and even sharing numerous stories with the two eerily being polite to one another. This suggests the possibility that LeChuck has a fondness for Guybrush and that he may even see him as a formidable foe at times. Along with this, at some times throughout the series, LeChuck and Guybrush engage in very childlike bickering and their relationship mirrors that of typical siblings.

LeChuck's intelligence remains one his most dynamic aspects with the series showing him to be devilishly intelligent, but also sometimes incredibly careless with the most simple tasks. He has demonstrated many times that he is highly intelligent and capable of clever and inspired planning; he has developed numerous clever and complicated plans that usually fool everybody, even Elaine on occasions, and put him in a position of power that promises victory. He is also a brilliant strategist, able to lay out his plans over a long period of time and manipulate numerous people like pieces on a chessboard. Despite his intellect, however, he can be incredibly gullible, allowing Elaine to escape easily. Along with this, LeChuck is very arrogant and overconfident, usually letting Guybrush live so LeChuck can gloat in victory over eliminating his nemesis. This trend is finally broken in Tales of Monkey Island, where LeChuck wastes no time in trapping Guybrush and brutally murders him when he has the chance.

Despite his lack of common sense, LeChuck's skills are not to be dealt with lightly and are considered without equal. He is arguably the best sword fighter in the series as he has bested many pirates in sword fighting and never loses even a single duel, having developed a brutal sword-fighting style that along with his morbid sense of humour often utterly humiliates his opponents before he slaughters them in violent ways. LeChuck is able to easily defeat Morgan LeFlay, one of the best sword fighters in all the seas, and kills her with her own blade. Elaine herself, who has proven to be more than capable of defeating multiple opponents at once, is no match against LeChuck and is also defeated. Due to his skills in swordplay, his intense and brutal nature at pillaging and plundering, and his demonic appearance and powers, LeChuck has earned a reputation as the mightiest and frightening pirate of all time. (In "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal" when Guybrush wishes to be the mightiest pirate ever at a wishing well, he temporarily assumes the appearance of LeChuck.)

LeChuck is notorious for both his cruelty and his amoral nature, even by pirating standards, and has murdered thousands of innocent people throughout his life as a human, ghost, zombie, and demon. Sometimes, most of his victims will become members of his demonic crew and are forced to serve his every whim or face further deadly consequences. Leaving a trail of death and destruction wherever he goes, LeChuck is also a highly sadistic man and entity as he delights in using sadistic torture and disememberment on many of his victims, illustrated by the nature of his own fortress and various strongholds as they all contain massive amounts of skeletal leftovers and corpses, showcasing LeChuck's love for violence regardless of who it is directed at. Feeling no remorse or empathy for his actions or victims, LeChuck's evil has the capacity to target potentially anyone in his path, regardless of who it is as even Elaine has been abused by the villain as he attempts to kill her and reanimate her into his undead bride. With his violence being shared with an insatiable love for power, riches, and sadistic torture, LeChuck is easily one of the most brutal pirates ever to sail the seas to the point that his very name is feared when brought up in casual conversations as demonstarted in The Secret of Monkey Island.

While consistently evil, a very different take on LeChuck was shown in the first four chapters of Tales of Monkey Island. When transformed into a human, LeChuck is shown be very kind, calm, patient, charming, and polite. He respects the feelings between Elaine and Guybrush and does not even attempt to win Elaine's hand. He also shows remorse for his past crimes and seeks to make up for them. However, towards the end of the season, it is revealed that LeChuck's kindness was nothing more than an act to manipulate others for his own ends. While LeChuck's kindness was only a ruse, his human form is a glimpse into his manipulative personality, using his handsome looks and confident demeanour to fool others into a false sense of security. The end result is that while LeChuck has comical aspects, he represents a true threat of evil who seeks to control all the seas with all their riches and voodoo powers; he wants a demonic army under his command, Guybrush and the rest of his enemies dead, and Elaine by his side to do his bidding. He has proven to be a vicious and cruel mass murderer, a sadist who enjoys torturing others, a satanist with a love for black humour, a skilled and clever strategist, and an unmatched swordsman and pirate. While he claims to love Elaine, he truly has no idea what it means to love another person and seems to only want Elaine for her beauty and to cook and clean for him and aid him in his villainous acts and plans.

Forms and PowersEditar

LeChuck's power appears to be directly related to whatever form he takes. In The Secret of Monkey Island he appears as a translucent spectre with amazing physical strength and the ability to fly (or at least jump great distances). He is also able to make a believable disguise to make himself appear human, assuming the identity of Sheriff Fester Shinetop. He displays a weakness to root beer and explodes when Guybrush sprays him with a bottle.

In Monkey Island 2, LeChuck's body is resurrected using his ghostly beard. In his zombie form LeChuck doesn't display many powers except a slight aptitude for voodoo. However, Elaine's final comment, and the backstory of the third game, claim that LeChuck hexes Guybrush into believing he is a child, which would suggest that LeChuck does retain some dark powers in his resurrected state. He is defeated at the beginning of The Curse of Monkey Island when an enchanted Voodoo Cannonball explodes, destroying his ship.

His restless spirit then takes the form of a "flaming" demon. In this form LeChuck retains his partially skeletal appearance with his beard now made out of pure hell-fire. He is able to fly as a ball of fire, shoot fire from his hands, and transform people. In this game he actually transforms Guybrush into a child (though it is debatable whether this is the second time he's done it). The Demon Pirate LeChuck is not properly destroyed, but instead buried beneath a mountain of ice, from which he is saved by Ozzie Mandrill.

In Escape from Monkey Island he displays the ability to shapeshift at will and takes on his previous forms periodically whilst running for the position of Governor of Mêlée Island under the guise of Charles L. Charles. LeChuck also manages to possess a gigantic statue in which form he battles Guybrush, Herman Toothrot and Jojo Jr.'s gigantic robot monkey. In this form he is enslaved by Ozzie with the Ultimate Insult and destroyed when he is tricked into breaking the Insult, which causes an explosion of Voodoo energy. In Tales of Monkey Island, he regains the sickly zombie form he had in the second game. When Guybrush stabs him with his improvised Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu, LeChuck is restored to human form, while his voodoo power is released into the Caribbean (and Guybrush's left hand) as the 'Pox of LeChuck'. As a human, he shows no evidence of any supernatural power, depending on his brute strength. He eventually regains his voodoo power, restoring him to his "Pox-infected" zombie form. In the last episode, he becomes a Pirate God—he grows in size, all of his clothes turn completely black, and his eyes burn with green fire. Towards the end of the game he even uses his voodoo power to freeze time for everyone outside of his ship, but only in the living world (as the Crossroads don't seem to be affected by the time-freeze); this power can only last until he is destroyed for good. In the original concept art of the Pirate God form, he was to have huge tusks, but this was scrapped as it made him look "like a walrus" (hence, Guybrush's pun/explanation to Galeb that LeChuck came back to life in many forms ending with "a killer walrus").

Guybrush's Brother?Editar

The ending of Monkey Island 2 seems to suggest that the first two games are merely created in the imagination of Guybrush. At the end Guybrush comes out of an amusement park ride with his brother Chuckie. This has caused some confusion amongst fans as to whether LeChuck is actually related to Guybrush. While this may or may not have been the original intention of creator Ron Gilbert, this ending is explained in the third game to have been a hex placed on Guybrush to make him think he was a child, though some evidence suggests that he actually became a child (such as the sudden disappearance of his facial hair, and a similar transformation in The Curse of Monkey Island).

In the current canon Guybrush and LeChuck don't appear to be related in any way.


  • Despite meeting Elaine shorty before his death, LeChuck mentions to Bob in The Secret of Monkey Island that he had been formulating plans for Elaine years in advance prior to his transformation into one of the undead. This implies that LeChuck's plans for abducting Elaine were much more complex and insidious than simply wanting to marry her.
  • A running gag that first appears in The Curse of Monkey Island is LeChuck's love for coleslaw, which he frequently eats with his meals while making his plans.
  • Despite his unrelenting hatred and anger towards the Voodoo Lady that would develop later in the series, LeChuck initially saw her as a useful ally to supply him with voodoo supplies and weapons.
  • Out of all the staple characters in the series, LeChuck is the only one to have a detailed origin story revealed and detailed throughout the games.
  • Similar to Guybrush, LeChuck is based partially off characters from the novel On Stranger Tides, the main inspiration that Ron Gilbert used to construct the story and added the tone of a ghost story to make LeChuck a strong and powerful villain for the series.


  • In the PS3 version of Tales, there are many hidden trophies related to LeChuck throughout the game. These include:
    • In "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal", talking to him and Elaine repeatedly for many references to the Monkey Island series, as well as repeatedly searching every nook and cranny of both ships and of Flotsam Island prior to meeting Deep Gut and examining everything in her shack, including Nor Treblig's shrine, earns the player a bronze trophy labeled "Why Is My Older Brother Laughing?" in the "PlayStation Network Trophy Achievements"; using the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu on LeChuck after ad-libbing the recipe earns the player a "LeChuck Slayer" silver trophy; and having Guybrush look at a wishing well in the Flotsam Jungle for a brief transformation into his archenemy earns the player a "Leave Well Enough Alone" bronze trophy.
    • In "The Siege of Spinner Cay", if Guybrush has the human LeChuck ride on the unfinished Merfolk key, the player is rewarded a "Ride 'Em, Pirate" silver trophy.
    • In "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood", after a scene when LeChuck clears Guybrush's name of the criminal charges, the player automatically earns a second "Use the Source" silver trophy (a possible spoof of the quote from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope; not to be confused with the first "Use the Source" one from Chapter 1).
    • In "Rise of the Pirate God", when Guybrush's spirit unknowingly helps LeChuck open the Crossroads, the player is rewarded the silver trophy labeled "All Roads Lead to LeChuck" (a spoof of the idiom "All roads lead to Rome"); when Guybrush manages to get back in his own body and destroy LeChuck with help from Elaine and Morgan, the reward is the final gold trophy labeled "Fall of the Pirate God"; and after a scene when Morgan brings LeChuck's remains to the Voodoo Lady for some purpose, the reward is the last silver trophy (and the very last trophy of all), which is labeled, "A Credit to Pirates Everywhere".

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Actor Games
Earl Boen The Curse of Monkey Island (1997) Plantilla:• Escape from Monkey Island (2000) Plantilla:• The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (2009) Plantilla:• "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood", "Rise of the Pirate God" (2009), "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal" (re-release) (2010) Plantilla:• Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge (2010)
Adam Harrington "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal" (2009)
Kevin Blackton "The Siege of Spinner Cay", "Lair of the Leviathan", "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood" (all in his human form) (2009)


Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeEditar

  • "You didn't kill me, you moron! You've just destroyed my spiritual essences. A favor that I shall now return!"
  • "Search your feelings- you know it to be true!"
  • "Come on! I'm dying here!"

The Curse of Monkey IslandEditar

  • "Now, with the demon flames of this voodoo cannonball, I'll blast my significant other into the significant otherworld. (Laugh) That'll show her how much I truly care-"
  • "Suffering Sailors! Tis good to be dead!"
  • "Ugh! Neptune's naval, that was a close one!"
  • "Argh! You'd better listen!"
  • "Ah, she will be the death of me yet- I mean, again!"

Tales of Monkey IslandEditar

  • "Do ya mind? I be in the middle of an unholy ceremony here!"
  • "... but where am I going to find a duck wearing burlap chaps?"
  • "If I'm going to prove to you that I am on your side, I need to be able to face challenges the same way you do, instead of threatening to cut off your head when I don't get my way."
  • "You wouldn't believe the number of monkeys it takes to complete an evil voodoo curse! What was I thinking!?"
  • "You'll have to pry it from my no longer cold, dead hand!"
  • "I don't know what happened. I used to be able to take on armies without blinking an eye. Now, a handful of Pox-stricken pirates can wrestle away the artifact?"'
  • "Ha ha! See if you can handle THIS, boys!"
  • "Oh, the guard was more than happy to release me once I convinced him that it was the only way to win Elaine's hand in unholy matrimony."
  • "Unholy THIS!"
  • "LECHUCK! [laughs] Arr, this name-shouting is jolly good fun!"
  • (when Elaine says he's an evil sack of scumm) "Correction, my sweet... I'm an evil sack of scumm who's about to plunder the grandest treasure in all creation. But I be willin' to share my booty, if ye catch me drift... [...] Oh, come now, my love. You can't deny what we've shared these past few weeks. The chummy camaraderie, the kind words, the stolen glances. I know you've developed feelings for me... join me as my demon bride and together we'll lay a bloody siege to the very heart of voodoo itself!"
  • "Aren't you dead yet? I've got wedding plans to make!"
  • "Out of respect for the newly-deceased, I feel I should point out that you wave your sword like a dairy farmer."
  • "Gah! Why won't this thing open?! Elaine, get over here and help me! I've spent MONTHS getting those mangy Voodoo cursed monkeys into place so I could conjure up the entrance to the Crossroads! I won't be thwarted now! Oh, come on, I broke yer spirit, not yer back! Get over here and push!"
  • (to Guybrush) "I'll tell you what's going on here! You've LOST! I now have full access to the unlimited Voodoo Power of the Crossroads themselves! This is my moment of ultimate triumph! So, ghost of Guybrush Threepwood, would you like to RSVP for the wedding now or later?"
  • "'My demon bride...' Kinda gets you all choked up in here, doesn't it?"
  • "It ain't so easy bein' a ghost, now is it, Mr. Threepwood? Well, that's how I felt all those years ago when I was a simple ghost pirate roaming the seas. And NOW you are about to know how it felt when you ripped my spiritual essence to shreds when you doused me with that ghost destroying voodoo root beer! ... It felt a lot like THIS!!!"
  • "'Till DEATH do you part,' Threepwood! And that part has already been taken care of!"
  • "Arr! Don't ye think what ye did can't be undone! Elaine will be my demon bride come hell or high water!"
  • "Ahem. Excuse us a moment, Guybrush. The wifey and I need to have a little private talk."
  • "A futile if admirably treacherous gesture, my buttercup. Even without La Esponja's help, I've already sucked up so much power that I can simply step into the Crossroads and take so much Voodoo Energy as I desire. [jumps onto the rip] Ha ha ha! You see!? You can temporarily destroy my body, Elaine, but you cannot damage me spirit! [gets stabbed by Morgan] OW, my spirit!"
  • (to Guybrush) "Buwahaha! Think of all the times you've tried to destroy me! [...] All that pain! All that suffering! Now just IMAGINE what I'm going to do to you... THREEPWOOD."
  • "Ye always wanted to be a PIRATE, isn't that right? [...] Yer not a real pirate until you've had the plunderin' pleasure of being keelhauled on this ship. Many a crewman has seen the underside of this ship, but none were as snivelin' and sorry as you."
  • "Hahaha! Elaine, not even you and your flimsy sword can stop me now."
  • (to Guybrush) "Ya look spent, swabby! Per'aps you ought to rest a spell? Off to yer quarters!"
  • "It's so cute, watching my dear Elaine swing that sword like she knows what she's doing. Did it ever occur to you that I know more about that cursed cutlass than all of ye barnacle brains?"
  • "I'm tired of putting up with you. And I just love the sound you make when you hit the deck."
  • "Quit makin' a mess! I'm gonna swab my deck with your scraggily excuse for a beard!"
  • "Trying to blast yourself to safety or blow yourself up in defeat?"
  • "Impressive display! They ought to call you Guybrush Threepwood, mighty ballerina!"
  • "I'll be turnin' yer charred skull into a fine jewelry box for me bride!"
  • (about Morgan LeFlay) "That sultry sea-minx had it for Threepwood! Her corsair sailed for only him! A pity I had to kill her! But now they can kindle their love in hell!"
  • (to Guybrush) "HAR! Who do you think you are? Blackbeard himself?"
  • "How I can't WAIT for you to give up and just... GO AWAY!"
  • (to Morgan) "Owww! You two can get cozy together when I'm done giving Threepwood his painful and permanent farewell into the afterlife!"

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