Griswold managing the bar.

Griswold Goodsoup is the owner of the Goodsoup Plantation Resort Hotel and Casino on Blood Island. His family owns a line of restaurants and hotels renowned across the Caribbean and (apparently) much of the world. According to Griswold, he is the last of the Goodsoups, although Guybrush Threepwood is able to convince Griswold that he is a distant Goodsoup cousin.

When first encountered Griswold suffers from a hangover and is unwilling to talk to Guybrush. After Guybrush gives him the ingredients for his hangover remedy he is cured. However, his problems are not gone; the volcano on Blood Island has stopped erupting, causing a severe shortage of clients who once came to see the lava-powered barbecue. He relates many of the sad stories of the island, such as the one of his great-aunt Minnie Goodsoup and her lost diamond ring.

Griswold is a large man with a droopy face and a prominent lower lip, features he shares with his great-grandfather Baron C. Lambert Chowder-Goodsoup, whose portrait hangs in the upper hallway. He is good friends with Mort the Gravedigger. He doesn't care much for the gypsy lady, Madame Xima, who stays at his bar and, in his words, "gives everyone the creeps". He has taken to excessive drinking and sometimes wanders the corridors of the hotel in melancholic fashion, remembering his relations of old.

Due to the volcanic eruption that Guybrush causes on the island, the future of the hotel is apparently saved and Griswold has started booking reservations and making arrangements for his guests.


  • The poster outside the hotel incorrectly spells his name as Griswald in the earlier version of the game, noticeable by ScummVM.

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