The Storekeeper keeps a close eye on his unwanted patron.


The Storekeeper is equally cranky in the Special Edition.

El Tendero es un empleado cascarrabias que tiene una tienda en Ciudad Mêlée (Isla Mêlée). Está constantemente alejado de su mostrador, a veces visitando a la Maestra de la Espada, de quien está enamorado. Es una de las pocas personas de la isla que sabe donde vive ; ella es consciente de su amor platónico, pero se siente molesta por sus muchas visitas y siempre lo rechaza.

The Storekeeper has a rude and insulting manner towards customers; he calls Guybrush names like "weasel-boy", "cheapskate" and "fancy-pants" and tells him that his breath stinks. He has a sixth-sense for shoplifters and tends to return just as his wares are about to be stolen. The Storekeeper will extend credit of up to five thousand pieces of eight to customers with a regular job, although this is refused to Guybrush who must procure the credit note through other means.


The Storekeeper has a wild and unkempt look with his grey hair and a beard poking out at all angles. His somewhat hunched back causes him to walk with a cane. He is aged eighty-three. Despite appearances, though, he's a fast walker, making it a challenge to keep up with him when he goes to visit the Sword Master.

Items bought/received from the ShopkeeperEditar

There are many other items on display, but you can't buy any of them.

Game appearancesEditar

Voice actorEditar

Memorable QuotesEditar

  • "Ahoy there, fancy pants."
  • "Okay, but don't put your lips on anything."
  • "I didn't get to be eighty-three by being a jackass!"

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