Pirate Transmogrification Academy

The Pirate Transmogrification Academy, as usual not on fire

The Pirate Transmogrification Academy is a school located on Knuttin Atoll run by Miss Rivers. It is instituted by Ozzie Mandrill to reform pirates from their deviant behaviour and reintroduce them to society. Accordingly Miss Rivers runs the Academy in a very strict fashion, confiscating such unauthourised materials from students as an Emily Eyepatch doll, a Baby Buccaneer Brand slingshot, a parrot whistle and some chewing tobacco. Guybrush can steal these items by pulling the fire alarm, but the parrot whistle is the only one that is useful (for summoning Huggyn and Kyssin, Jumbeaux LaFeet's parrots).

Guybrush can enroll at the school at will. If he answers all the questions correctly he is awarded a certificate that says he is reformed, which he finds embarrassing. If he gives all the most violent, wicked answers, Miss Rivers will give him a dunce cap and banish him from the school forever.

Hugo, who is seen earlier on Lucre Island, is an example of the successful re-education of pirates.

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